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Our Services. CAP/DA, Personal Care Aide In-Home, Aide Level II and Personal Care Aide - In-Home Aide Level III; CAP/C, PCS

Dependable Nursing Alliance, PA

1. We Provide Assistance with Ambulation

​2. We assist with Activities of Daily Living, such 
as Bathing, Dressing, Toileting of Bladder, or Bowel, Help with Meal Preparations, Cleaning and Tidying after Bath, Making Beds, Sweeping and Dusting, Keeping your house Free of Clusters, and also help with Laundry and Grocery.


call us and we will send a qualified Registered Nurse to assess, then collaborate with you and your medical Provider in developing the best plan of care that meets your need. 

3. Our Certified Nursing Assistants and Aides will be there to help with Supervisions, Oversights and Encouragements

4. Our licensed professionals are trained to give substantial or consistent hands-on assistance with eating, Toileting, Bathing, Dressing, Personal Hygiene, Self monitoring of medication

Dementia Test (Self-Assessment)
Memory problems, particularly remembering recent events.
Do you struggle to keep track of finances or pay bills on time?
Do you ever forget information that you have learned recently?
Do you struggle to remember to keep yourself clean or practice good hygiene?
Do you struggle to remember words, date, or events?
Do you find yourself becoming confused in the middle of a conversation and having to stop?

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